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13th December 2023

Christmas event​​

  • Christmas festivities return, introducing new dragons and quality of life changes!

  • The Winter Egg has evolved into Boreal Egg. The original Winter Egg will make a comeback in the future, featuring a different pool of dragons.


  • Reworked currency panels, which now displays donut counters.

  • Back buttons and currency panels will no longer fade when scrolling on certain screens.

  • You are now able to purchase 99 eggs at once in the store.

  • Reset store's x2 offers!

  • Improved localization

Dragon selection​​

  • ​A brand new dragon filter has been added to the dragon selection screen for better organization.

  • Added a dedicated shiny donut button. Additionally, the max level requirement for this feature has been removed.

  • Increased favourite dragon cap to 50.

Dragon changes​​

  • Evererg: has a new skill. Its previous skill was better suited for Frizolgula.

  • Flodra: fixed a bug regarding the spores.

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