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10th February 2024

Hotfix V​​

  • More stability changes to reduce crashes and improve overall performance.

  • Reduced dimensional rifts speed increase (1 > 0.75).


3rd February 2024

Hotfix IV​​

  • Stability changes to reduce crashes and improve overall performance.

  • Fixed a bug with rage vessel.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some sound effects being affected by the sound volume.

  • Redesign a little the pause volume sliders for better usability.

  • Antaro: Now the skill notification will properly show up like similar skills.


2nd February 2024

Hotfix III​​

  • More memory management improvements.

  • Dimensional rift occurrences have been reduced, now significantly boosting speed and increasing the spawn rate of aristocrats, chests, powerups, eggs, donuts, and other rifts by 10% per rift.​

  • Added volume sliders in both settings and the pause menu.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some aristocrats to levitate.

  • Adjusted Maelstrom colliders to be less lenient.

  • Vetrece: Updated the skill name counter for more accurate reflection of skill behavior.

  • X-P3R1M3NT: Fixed a bug related to rage vessel.

  • X-K4L31D0: Cooldown increased (30/18 > 60/30) to accommodate the dimensional rift changes.


29th January 2024

Hotfix II​​

  • Enhanced memory management for improved game performance.

  • Reduced the number of fireworks in Wind Valley (and changed default world) to prevent crashes on some devices.

  • Added a new setting to the highscore indicator toggle to display the global highscore, rather than the current dragon's score.

  • Added a new toggle in settings for the power-up timer indicator.

  • Added a new toggle in settings to control the size of the secondary power-up button.

  • Now the nest auxiliary popup toggle affects more popups.

  • Replaced the flashy egg animations in slot indicators with a new "jumpy" egg animation, signaling when an egg is ready to hatch in the nest.

  • Fixed a bug regarding dragon heart related quests.


27th January 2024


  • Reverted some internal changes and updates of the engine to increase stability and performance.

  • Fixed a bug where treasure chests would dissappear when playing in Draco Dwarf Galaxy or Synthonia after using the Psychic Spoon powerup.

  • ​Fixed some translation and localization issues in settings.

  • Fixed a bug where some companion skills were not storing the powerups.

  • Fixed a bug where the highscore notification was being showed in every dimensional rift.

  • Greatly improved performance in Draco Dwarf Galaxy.

  • Metanix: Fixed a bug where the skill was not being activated.


21st January 2024

New Year event​​

  • ​New Year festivities come to Wind Valley, featuring three new themes for the world: Fireworks, Day, and Inferno.

  • Six new dragons introduced.​​

  • New egg: the Pyrotechnic Egg.


1. Experimental features

  • Glide: In tap dragons, gliding can be enabled in settings. Tap and hold to initiate gliding.

  • Rage Vessel: Hold dragons now channel player frustration, allowing for the destruction of towers upon holding your finger.​​

  • Store Powerups: Dragons now have the option to store powerups upon collision. A button will appear to activate the powerup. If disabled, the powerup is consumed immediately, as in previous versions.

2. Camera

  • Dynamic Zoom: The camera zooms out based on dragon speed, capped at the dragon eye powerup distance. It also pans left for better visibility.

  • Enhanced consistency in camera shakes.

3. Improved clarity

  • Enhanced visual effects for some powerups and their effects.

  • Improved visual transitions of dimensional rifts, keeping the dragon at the top of the screen.

  • Refined explosion visuals and clarity, ensuring the dragon remains visible.

4. Redesigned Gameplay UI

  • Overhauled UI elements for better clarity and readability.

  • Crown counter now displays obtained crowns alongside the counter.

  • Added fading counters for mystery eggs and stellar donuts.

  • Included a powerup timer.

  • Implemented a skill cooldown timer on the skill button.

  • Added a dimensional rift counter.

  • Introduced primary and secondary stored powerup buttons, with a smaller button for active skills.

  • The store powerup button repositions along with the pause button.

  • Updated the metronome for music-related skills.

  • Highscores now display current dragon highscore instead of the global one.

5. Towers

  • Increased active tower pairs from 5 to 7, ensuring towers are pre-spawned at high speeds.

  • Redesigned tower destruction effects: effects now span the entire tower instead of just the collision point.

6. Powerups

  • Standardized incremental speed effects across all control types.

  • Gradualized changes in dragon scale due to powerups.

  • Dragonheart: Now up to 3 dragon hearts can be held simultaneously.

  • Suspicious Mushroom: Makes the dragon bigger (from x3.5 to x4), and the final explosion doesn’t occlude the dragon.

  • Fairy Dust: Reduces dragon size more (from x0.5 to x0.25).

  • Dragon Eye: Now pans the camera for increased visibility.

  • Dragon Chilli: Improved collision detection.

  • Thundercloud: Added extra visual effect, and final explosion doesn’t occlude the dragon.

  • Sands of Time: Active time reduced (from 8 to 6 seconds), effectively 16 to 12 seconds due to time halving.

  • Cosmic Stars: Increased star frequency (from 2 to 3), no longer destroys other powerups.

  • Lucky Charm: No changes.

  • Psychic Spoon: Now attracts chests, eggs, and donuts, with increased visual effect radius.

  • Magic Snowflake: Gradual speed loss, ending with a frost nova affecting towers.

  • Spooky Ghost: No longer occludes the dragon behind certain towers.

7. Dimensional Rifts

  • Overhauled visuals.

  • Changed speed effect to add flat horizontal velocity instead of a multiplicative effect.

8. Balance

  • Widened the gaps in worlds with moving towers to prevent tower limit issues.

  • Reduced the appearance of Christmas and Halloween chests.

  • Adjusted Maelstrom colliders (slightly less generous than before).


  • The egg summary screen can now be accessed with a minimum of 2 eggs, reduced from the previous requirement of 5.

  • Localization improvements.


  • ​Added a "Hide UI" button on the home screen for an unobstructed view of the game backgrounds.

  • Relocated the "How To Play" section to a dedicated button on the home screen for easier access. This section now also includes information about Shiny Donuts.


  • Slot indicators now display the current egg along with its progress.

  • Removed certain animations to enhance responsiveness.

Dragon selection

  • Introduced additional filters: alphabetical (Z to A) and by release date (oldest to newest).

  • Added letter indicators for easier navigation when using the alphabetical filter.

  • Decreased the size of dragon selection buttons, increasing the number of visible dragons from 6 to 8.

  • Removed scrollbar animations to enhance responsiveness.

  • Reduced the size of visual indicators.

  • Lowered the opacity of text indicators, except for the selected slot which retains full opacity.


  • Introduced a new seasonal egg.

  • Reset the availability of x2 offers.


  • Added rift counter to the sharing score picture.


  • Redesigned the settings UI to be more modular, facilitating easier implementation of new features and toggles in the future.

  • Introduced an option in settings to randomize dragons after each game.

  • Added a toggle to show/hide the "How To Play" button on the home screen.

  • Included toggles for experimental options.

  • Introduced Stellar Donuts 🍩.


  • Fixed an issue where the background did not properly accelerate in sync with the dragon under certain conditions.

  • Resolved a bug that prevented players from reaching the correct world after taking a dimensional rift.

  • Addressed an issue causing players to get stuck on the revive screen when attempting to revive without available ads.

  • Corrected a bug affecting the proper storage of quest completion statuses.

  • Fixed a problem where high scores were not being recorded correctly.

  • Resolved a scaling issue with dragon tails not adjusting correctly when under the influence of scaling power-ups.

  • Eliminated a bug where remnants of towers from previous worlds were visible after passing through a dimensional rift.

  • Addressed particle sorting issues on some maps.

Dragon changes​​

  • Malevol: Enhanced charge and reduced cooldown from 15/9 to 12/4.

  • Rudfulf: Corrected a bug where the chance for finding Christmas gifts was miscalculated. Players should now find more Christmas gifts.

  • Kimbaza: Fixed a bug affecting the calculation of Halloween gift chances. Players should now find more Halloween gifts.

  • Xet Xet: Updated skill visuals.

  • Xexarga: Updated skill visuals.

  • Fiamal: Improved skill collision detection.

  • Laiseros: Improved skill collision detection.

  • Rakles: Addressed a bug related to dragon scoring.

  • Oad Oad & Daquerudo: Swapped skills.

  • Boo Loo: Updated its shiny colors.

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